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Etsy reviews. Updated 8/21/2017


 Etsy Losing Ground. 
 Etsy Cuts 15% of Workforce
Etsy's business has been struggling. It reported $421,000 in losses during the first quarter of the year, down from more than $1 million the same quarter the year before.

On Wednesday, the company said it is cutting another 140 jobs, or 15% of its current workforce. That's in addition to trims it made in May, when it let go of another 90 people.
On Wednesday, the company said it is cutting another 140 jobs, or 15% of its current workforce. That's in addition to trims it made in May, when it let go of another 90 people.
Etsy cuts 15% of its workforce
Etsy cuts 15% of its workforce
 How Etsy Alienated Its Crafters and Lost Its Soul

Etsy on the down hill slide. Is the end coming  for etsy . Etsy could be closings. Payments too SLOW,If  ETSY GOES BANKRUPT WILL YOU GET YOUR MONEY.



Chad Dickerson's Profile EX CEO

I was CTO at Etsy from 2008-2011 and CEO from July 2011 to May 2017. Now I'm just a buyer,What Happen????

 Etsy has ousted its CEO and is laying off 8 percent of its staff
Industry veteran Josh Silverman is the new chief executive.The struggling online crafts marketplace is replacing longtime CEO Chad Dickerson with Josh Silverman, an Etsy board member who was previously CEO of Skype and eBay’s The company is also laying off 80 employees.


Why Etsy’s brave new economy is crumbling

. Why would they be for sale.
It goes without saying that If Yiwu-type products began infiltrating Etsy, they’d upend the market—the same way Walmart destroyed your local department store or Barnes & Noble ended the era of the corner book shop.

Etsy is facing challenges as it never has before.
The artisan marketplace's shares have declined 43% since the company went public.
Even though Etsy is the fifth-most-visited marketplace in the world, after Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart, analysts at Wedbush fear it is slipping.

1. Etsy is losing money.

"When Etsy disclosed its first earnings report last week, it showed a quarterly loss of $36.5 million — which it attributed to corporate restructuring and adverse currency-exchange rates — compared to a loss of $463,000

If Etsy's For Sale, Here's Who Could Be Buying

Established shops loosing 80% of views/sales


Just a few of the reviews 

1 review 3 helpful votes
I have purchased a few things on ETSY with no problem--left them great reviews. I recently purchased a personalized jewelry box from MyBambino on ETSY. I am a big shopper both in stores and online. This was the WORST buying experience I ever had. The product was not as pictured. I didn't find that out until it arrived. The bottom left-hand drawer cannot be painted because the music box is behind it, but their pictures include adorable designs on that drawer. They changed the picture of mine when I complained (that drawer was not my only complaint) but there are still several in their line of jewelry boxes that include a design on that drawer. The one I chose had a zigzag border across the top and bottom. It was crooked and uneven on the top and the bottom was missing half due to the drawer issue. Management was extremely slow to react--totally unfocused on products and customer service. I finally had to file a claim (never done that before with any purchase anywhere) with ETSY. They were completely automated including 1 1/2 weeks before acting. All together it took me over a month to get a just-OK replacement--music drawer didn't fit right. To top off everything, I was dropped by both MyBambino and ETSY--unable to respond to my "review this purchase" email and the case with ETSY was closed as soon as MyBambino shipped my replacement! I'll never buy from ETSY again--it works well if everything goes fine, but if not, it's on you!!!

1 review 3 helpful votes
Totally got ripped off by etsy and vendor. 320$ because somebody's feelings got hurt. My advice. Dont use etsy or vendors. No customer service, no protection for buyer. Vendors lazy and unreliable.
Dont let it happen to you.

1 review 2 helpful votes
Etsy support is garbage. None the less. I've been shopping on Etsy for 7 years now, I buy something nearly every week, still, and have never once experienced a pleasant experience with Etsy support. The sellers for the most part are and tend to be amazing with exceptions of course, but the Etsy support team seems like a bunch of inadequate and incompetent cold hearted idiots. Nicely put. They will not help you, help understand the issue nor will go out of their way to resolve much. Take a week to reply to comments etc. I've never seen or have experienced more non-caring people in my life.

Consumer Complaints and Reviews

 Don't expect to be treated fairly by Etsy and don't make the mistake I did by putting all your time and effort into building up Etsy. Make sure you build a site as well through Shopify or one day you'll end up with nothing. Don't trust Etsy!!! I wouldn't recommend Etsy to a single soul.


  The platform is very restrictive in the way of listing items for sale with multiple buying options such as size, color, style, etc. This forces you to re-list the same item in different ways to allow the customer to choose extra buying options in which you as the seller are charged additional fees for each listing. There are lots of hidden costs like restocking fees, processing fees, product listing fees, etc. then they also skim 3.5% of your sales off the top but offer little to no help on the back end.



Want to become an Etsy seller?
"If you're thinking about selling on Etsy please be aware that, if you email with a question or concern (have to email because there's no phone number) and if you're lucky enough to get any reply in the following week or two, Etsy will send you an obviously canned and entirely unrelated response. If you write again they'll repeat themselves and tell you that they won't be responding again. If you complain in the community forum they will "muzzle" your account so your not allowed post messages. And if you express any further concern they will invent a reason to close your shop entirely, and keep any funds that were in your shop account. The internet it loaded with sellers and former sellers who have had similar experiences with this site. "

Etsy Complaint

unauthorized charge to my bank account - Etsy customer service

Etsy charged my back account for who knows what, and when i finally got a call back, all i got was the run around. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one was available. I was very persistent, didn't do any good. Asked to speak to the supervisors manager and was told there was no one available and the only one who could connect me to a manager was the supervisor (who was not available.) I kept telling the csr I would wait for a supervisor, but instead of letting me hold, he hung up on me. And, oh yeah, don't even think about calling them, none of their listed phone numbers accept incoming calls.
What a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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